Redesign of in 2018

Volkswagen Pon Financial Services (VWPFS) was founded as a Volkswagen bank to allow customers to buy a Volkswagen. 50 years later, VWPFS is a big financial player in the Netherlands for multiple car brands and with the ambition to be the biggest financial specialist in all mobility solutions.

As a designer, I helped VWPFS during multiple projects. One of them being their company website. For this I created a visual design and interactions. Thinking about the best experience on any device.


The challenge set by Volkswagen Pon Financial Services was to incorporate their style guide (visual devices) in a visual design that matches the counterparts in Germany and Spain. Creating a familiarity between the different countries.

Step by stepMy design process

Before and during the design process, we worked closely with the product owner to create the new design for VWPFS. In short and fast iterations the design was discussed with the product owner and aligned with other stakeholders.

Design brief
The first step was to create a design brief with design rationale.
Analysis current design decisions
The new VWPFS website should look familiar but still different (Pon Family influence). I looked into visual elements and UX patterns to make a familiar but new visual design.
UX and interaction design
Before I started with the visual design, a couple of UX challenges had to be “taken out”. This included navigation issues.
Visual design in quick iterations
Finally the design was quickly created with the product owner from VWPFS. The final visual design was delivered to the development team.