IRIS.The Intertrust Client Portal

Creation of the client portal

Intertrust delivers high-quality, tailored corporate, fund, capital market and private wealth services to its clients, with a view to building long-term relationships. Intertrust works with global law firms and accountancy firms, multinational corporations, financial institutions, fund managers, high net worth individuals and family offices.

As a designer I worked on several Intertrust projects including the design of the IRIS portal, a fully animated promotion video and the design of the IRIS logo. The projects were all completed in a period of 6 months with the launch of the project being in May 2019.


The challenge set by Intertrust was to create a portal that is Premium – Strong – Bold – Leading while taking care of clients, being transparent and making interaction between Intertrust employees and clients easy.

Capital Markets Day video

The interface animation video that I created was used in the creation of the promotional video for the Intertrust IRIS Client Portal, shown at the Capital Markets Day 2018 by CEO Stephanie Miller.

The video demonstrates the interface concept and how a user would use the portal, showcasing multiple features like real-time information, ability to find information about assets and fulfill payments with invoices.

  1. The user accesses the IRIS portal by a multifactor authentication
  2. As soon as the user enters the portal, an animation demonstrates the “Rolodex” interface concept, every card displays client information
  3. The user navigates to a portfolio asset, the interface shifts to keep focus on information that is important
  4. Eventually the user finds the relevant information: the contact person of the portfolio asset

Play promotion video

Step by stepMy design process

During the Intertrust project I worked closely with our art director and product owner to create design according to the design rationale, UX and user stories.

Design brief
During the project I worked with a design rationale, every design decision can be rationalised.
Exploration & concepting
Before the visual design started, there was an exploration and concepting moment by collecting and trying out visual styles and concepts.
Storyboard creation & visual design
For the video animation, a storyboard was created to show frame by frame how the video unfolds.
Video animation & refinement
With all the assets ready, the production for the video started in iterations. The final version of the video was presented by Intertrust CEO Stephanie Miller during the Capital Markets Day 2018.
Visual design for development
The video was finalised and I supported the development team to implement the visual design. A slim design system was created in order to support this phase.