Picnic launched their supermarket app in September 2015 in Amersfoort. Consumers can buy products from brands, private labels or even fresh food from the app. The groceries are then delivered at home for free by electric vans on a chosen timeslot.

The PicNic App is a popular way of ordering groceries and the last years PicNic has seen an enormous growth. This allows PicNic to challenge other established supermarkets to re-think their online position.

I worked on a new concept to make it easy to shop your for own cooking recipies. Though, there are a lot of recipe apps out there. I focused on creating a concept that had several (business) goals in mind:

– Promote recipies created by the user (or friends of the user) with the help of A.I.
– Order easily recipies in one-click instead of buy all products separate
– Create an incentive for users to share recipies by offering rewards


The challenge in the creation of this concept was to make ordering recipes as easy as possible. Most people struggle to think of something new or refreshing to eat every day while living a busy (work)life.

Animated prototype

To demonstrate and pitch the PicNic+Spotify concept I created a fully animated and designed prototype. This demonstrates the various steps a user will take to order a recipe at PicNic.

As with Spotify, the app will make suggestions to the user based on their profile, actions and orders. For example if the user orders a lot of sweet candy, the home feed will show recipes that have a sweet taste profile.

The animated prototype demonstrates the following scenario:

  1. Starting off at the home tab, a selection of discounts and my recipes is shown
  2. The user (let’s call him Phil), has his weekly gym day coming up and wants a healthy meal after his workout. Phil picks the Sport BLT (suggested by the A.I.).
  3. After picking the Sport BLT. Phil notices that one of the ingredients is not available and picks a replacement based on suggestions.
  4. The Sport BLT is added by Phil to the rest of the shopping cart and he continues for payment.
  5. The payment is automatically fulfilled by PayPal and a delivery indication is shown.
  6. Finally all the ingredients are delivered and Phil enjoys his Sport BLT after a long workout session!

Step by stepMy design process

For the PicNic+Spotify concept I worked closely with our art director and UX designers to create an appealing concept that aligns with the design rationale.

Design brief
The first step was to create a design brief with design rationale. The briefing sets the “rules of engagement” and makes sure that everyone involved knows where we are heading.
Sketching and concepting
The second step was to create sketches and explore concepts that would match the design brief. In this phase I worked closely with our art director.
User experience design
With the sketches and concepts ready, I worked out the full user experience by creating wireframe that demonstrates the user interactions in the app and displaying important features.
Visual design
Finally, I created the final visual design and turned that into a fully animated prototype and video in order to convince other stakeholders.