HEINEKEN employee collaboration

Established in 1864 by the Heineken family, HEINEKEN has a long and proud history and heritage as an independent global brewer. HEINEKEN brews quality beers, build award-winning brands and are committed to enthusing consumers everywhere.

Today, HEINEKEN is the number one brewer in Europe and the number two brewer in the world. HEINEKEN operates in more than 70 countries globally, which makes HEINEKEN the world’s most international brewer.

As a designer at HEINEKEN I worked closely with product owners from different teams to design the utmost website or app.

My work at HEINEKEN includes several collaboration sites, a campaign site and several tools. For this I used different methods such as organising workshops, setting up a design (de)briefing, organising design reviews.

A selection of my HEINEKEN work is included on this page.


The main challenge at HEINEKEN was involve all different international cultures in the design process. This was interesting and very dynamic as one project could involve Italian, Indian or British HEINEKEN employees. With this in mind I had to manage expectations and also learn more about how the differences between these cultures could impact the design process.

Interactive brewery

The interactive HEINEKEN brewery allows for HEINEKEN employees to quickly look up information and documents regarding a specific building, part or process in the brewery. By visualising this interaction with information makes more for an engaging experience and tempts HEINEKEN employees to explore other parts of the brewery.

HEINEKEN Data in Action campaign

HEINEKEN has a lot of data going around about brewing processes, performances and breweries. In order to make users more aware about data, HEINEKEN launched an internal campaign about data named Data In Action or for short DNA.

This campaign involved educating HEINEKEN employees in using data and stimulating them to organise their data according to the governance plan created by the DNA team. Part of this was the launch of a website that made all information regarding the DNA campaign accessible to all HEINEKEN employees.

Product owner approved mid-fidelity wireframe
Designed landing page based on the wireframe

Step by stepMy design process

At HEINEKEN I worked closely with a product owner and analyst to create my designs. I regularly reviewed my designs with the product owner and SCRUM team in order to align the business goals with the design.

Design brief
The first step was to create a design brief with design rationale. The briefing sets the “rules of engagement” and makes sure that everyone involved knows where we are heading.
Sketching and concepting
With all the insights and data from users and product owner in mind, I created sketches that showed multiple possibilities to the product owner. With this step, the product owner would be involved and inspired.
User experience design
At HEINEKEN, all the sites and apps are built upon Microsoft technology. This gave the challenge to create a user experience that is feasable but still honored the design brief. During this step I involved the user board as much as possible.
Visual design in quick iterations
Finally, I worked closely with a user board and product owner to create the visual design. Testing the design and tweaking it till the product owner gave the final approval.